About Me

Pei-Yu Lin is a bilingual journalist who speaks English and Mandarin Chinese. She currently works for Kitsap Sun, part of the USA Today Network, as the Washington-based newspaper’s military reporter. She covers military affairs at Naval Base Kitsap and local news in Kitsap County.

Before covering the Puget Sound area, Lin previously interned as a breaking news reporter with The Arizona Republic and as a reporter at Radio Free Asia Mandarin Service.

Her work has focused on real estate, business, tribes, education, affordable housing, election, crime and military news in Kitsap County, breaking news and crime in Arizona, overseas Hong Kong pro-democracy movements, human rights and freedom of expression in Mainland China and Arab culture in the Middle East.

Lin’s stories have been published by several media outlets, including The Kitsap Sun, The Arizona Republic, Arizona Daily Star, El Inde, Patagonia Regional Times, Radio Free Asia Mandarin Service, The Taipei Times, The Jordan Times, The Reporter (報導者), The Initium (端傳媒), Caixin Globus and Insight Post International Affairs.

Currently based in the U.S., Lin completed her M.A. degree in Journalism at The University of Arizona in 2021. Before becoming a wildcat, she studied Arabic for more than four years and received her bachelor’s degree in Arabic Language and Culture at National Chengchi University in Taiwan.

From 2016 to 2017, she studied Modern Standard Arabic at the University of Jordan. It was the Middle East that had changed her worldview and turned her into a truth seeker and a storyteller.

Peiyu Lin’s resume can be found here. Reference is available at request.